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6 Mile Cop Shop: All is Calm and Well

By Staycey Yalo – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Four days after the establishment of the cop shop at Six Mile by Kalam Rahman Group of Companies, the Six Mile bus stop and store line area has been clean and calm unlike before.

The Six Mile bus stop area has been known for various petty theft and harassment of women, but now, the place is generally clean.

The cop shop was set up in partnership with the Police and the Kalam Rahman Group of Companies.

The store line is also a location where a lot of customers come in from the Magi Highway to purchase food items in bulk; the area has been prone to petty theft such as bag snatching and harassment.

Happy Supermarket Security Guard, Rony Kau, says the establishment of the cop shop has made their job easier as customers move around freely.

Six Mile Police Station Senior Inspector, Fred Bare, said the convenience of the cop shop being located in front of the shops and bus stop was to re-establish police presence in the area.

The cop shop operates with 6 police officers manning the area during the day, and 2 policemen at night.

“The distance of the Six Mile Police Station is far from where the public usually conducts its business and the establishment of the cop shop near the bus stop and the store line acts as a second police station where people can report in at any time,” said Senior Inspector Bare.

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