25 SABLs To Be Revoked

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The Lands Department will be cancelling 25 SABLs as recommended by the Commission of Inquiry.

Secretary for the department Romily Kila Pat says notices will be placed in the two major papers come Monday.


At this stage, the department is currently updating addresses for cancellation. The Lands Department has comfortably moved into its’ new premises called ‘Eda Tano’ or ‘our land.’


Under the leadership of secretary Romily Kila Pat, the department is on clean up mode after its’ image was marred with deeply rooted corruption within its’ own workforce.


It is now in the process of implementing the recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry into the Lands Department.


Twenty-five SABLs will be cancelled.


The registrar of titles is tasked with unregistering the SABLs.


The cancellation comes partly from the reason that registering customary land comes with complexities. Almost often, some customary landowners may not be in agreement.


Right now, the department is encouraging voluntary land registration as incorporated land groups.


More recommendations from the COI into SABLs will be implemented with directives by a special taskforce set up by NEC.


Meanwhile, the Lands secretary has expressed disappointment with Telikom for their delay in setting up an electronic system to help the department manage registering of titles and other data storage.


As of August this year, the Lands Department will begin its’ nationwide rental collection from those with outstanding bills. It’s estimated the bills are in excess of  K200 million.


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