2015 – 2024 National Population Policy Behind Schedule

It was revealed bythe office ofthe National Planning thatthe formation ofthe new 2015 – 2024 National Population Policy is behind schedule.


National Planning’s Deputy Secretary for Policy and BudgetoJoe Kapa, said duringthe Health, HIV/AIDS and Population Sectorial Committee yesterday, thatthey do not havethe data as yetoto speed upthe process.

Mr. Kapa saidthey have a third draft in place; however, lackthe necessary data to finalize it.

“We are still waiting for the data to be processed and analysed for us to knowthe detailed information onthe dynamics ofthe population,” said Kapa.

The division needs data fromthe 2011 Census, which is currently unavailable. Much ofthe reason behindthe delay is that relevant agencies and government departments working withthe National Planning have yet to providethe figures.


Mr. Kapa saidthe policy is expected to be complete come July 2014.



Secretary Kase stressed that data fromthe policy will givethe department and thers inthe health sector a clear picture for implementation exercises, especiallythe amount of resources that need to be distributed withinthe timeframe.


He has called on all stakeholders to treat this as a matter of urgency.



The increase has resulted in an increase inthe demand for goods and services, and ther vital resources.


The sustainable development approach emphasizes development needs for a healthy and quality population.


Caption: National Planning’s Deputy Secretary for Policy and BudgetoJoe Kapa.

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