National Weather Service Goes on Strike

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Employees of the National Weather Service have stopped work at the close of business this afternoon.

This is because their grievances were not addressed by the Transport Department.

Employees of the National Weather Service say the nationwide strike will go on for an indefinite time, starting this afternoon.

They said until a written agreement is reached between NWS employees and the Transport Department, the strike will be not be put off.

The National Weather Service outlined its actions in a statement released yesterday afternoon.

These actions are likely to affect both the travelling public and the transportation of goods and services.

On December 20th of last year, the National Weather put the Nation-wide strike on hold for two weeks, after a verbal assurance from the Transport Secretary to fix salary discrepancies considering and the safety of the travelling public during the festive period.

This was after a discussion with the Public Servants Reconciliation Attribution Tribunal.

And yesterday was the deadline with employees claiming not receiving what they were promised in the first pay period for 2018.

The disruption will prolong for an indefinite period until the agreed resolutions are sorted out accordingly.

They have also apologised for the inconvenience caused.

Theckla Gunga

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Theckla Gunga

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