Women from southern region attend forum on ‘self-worth & value of women’

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By Rosemary Yambune – EMTV News Cadet Journalist

A forum is underway bringing together women from across the Southern Region.

Hosted by the Inter-denomination Women Empowerment Movement, this forum aims to impart lessons on “self-worth and value of women”.

Participants at this forum came from remotest Oro, Central and Western Provinces.

All the attendees have leadership roles within their local churches.

Launched by Pastor Simmeon Lavari, the theme of this forum is “True Value of  a Woman , exploring your calling”.

“So we are trying to educate and remind the women that they also have the power of influence, either good or evil,” PNG Inter-denomination Women Empowerment Movement President, Julie G Yamis said.

Andiopa Sabadi, a member of the organizing committee, said the event was special for a few participants, travelling into Port Moresby for the first time.

The PNGIWEM comprises of women and a few men from different denominations throughout the country, who aim to extending its work to more parts of the country.

This forum will end on Monday.

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