Women Captives Rescued By Security Forces

Three women, who were held captive and tortured, were rescued by the Joint Security forces in Porgera, Enga Province.

The women were accused of practicing sorcery in Aumbi, a village next to the Porgera mine area.


The joint security forces arrived in time to save the two women from a mob wanting justice through taking the lives of the 2 women


The Joint Security Forces intervened at a suspicious gathering at Aumbi village, next to the Porgera mine area, where they dispersed a group trying to kill 2 women whom they had accused of practising sorcery.


Defence Force soldiers from Moem Barracks Delta Company patrolling the Aumbi area, were informed by relatives of the 2 women, and intervened in the nick of time. The 2 women, from Paiala village, were captured and tortured with hot iron rods inside a house by relatives of a young girl from Aumbi village.


They were accused of practising sorcery by relatives of a young girl who suddenly fell into a coma, but became mentally ill when she awoke.


The young girl, who is a student attending Paiam High School, accused the women for killing her spiritually by removing her heart and sharing it.


Joint Security Forces Deputy Controller Senior Inspector, Ewai Segi and Defence Force Platoon Commander Lieutenant, Peter Morlen of Second Battalion 2PIR Moem, intervened and assessed the situation.


The men reported that cult practice is rampant in the Porgera valley, and the people here have accepted it as a norm in society. The sorcery act has been repealed; however, over 20 people are accused and die every year for practicing it.


In the presence of the Joint Security Forces, the two females accused of sorcery performed a couple of healing rituals to restore the young girl’s heart and bring her life back.


An old lady who was also part of this group was brought to this village earlier and tortured, but rescued again by the joint forces.


The 3 women were brought to the Paiam police station and locked up. The relatives of the young girl were advised by the Joint Security Force to take the girl to Porgera hospital for a proper medical check up to determine her illness.


Deputy Controller, Senior Inspector Segi, said the 3 women accused of practising sorcery also admitted that they were driven by a bad spirit to practise sorcery.


A proper investigation into this cult practise and torturing will be carried out, and appropriate charges laid on those involved.

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