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UPNG Reschedules Academic Plan to Ensure Academic Year is Completed

With the impacts of COVID 19 taking its toll, on the operation of tertiary institutions, the University of PNG has a plan in place to ensure they complete this academic year successfully.

Vice Chancellor Frank Griffin said, the academic plan for this year has been rescheduled, with study breaks and semester breaks compressed.

Speaking to the media recently, the vice chancellor said, each schools have rescheduled their academic programs for the year.

He said due to the shutdown, they have lost almost 6 weeks.

With the programs rescheduled, study breaks and semester breaks have been compressed. And the academic year is likely to end in November or December.

With the resumption of classes, staff and students will be travelling in from outside centers.

The Vice Chancellor says, there will be check points established in certain locations. Students and Staff will be tested by the medical staff, and quarantined.

A graduation ceremony for students who have completed their studies, is also an option that they will have to consider.

The vice chancellor says they will try their best to organize a graduation ceremony, taking into consideration, the social distancing requirements.

To ensure social distancing and other health requirements are followed, while attending to academic activities, the university will be using the online platform. However, these also comes with its own challenges and consequences.

According to Chancellor Robert Igara, this will be a different experience for the students. And staff will have to learn more about the different method of teaching online.

But despite these challenges, the university is committed to ensure they achieve their core mission of providing quality education.


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