Unitech Day Two

Students at the University of Technology in Lae have taken the boycott of class to a new level by seeking public support.


Over the next 48 hours, student representatives will be conducting public forums in Lae to educate parents and stakeholders on why the boycott was necessary.

The student president says they don’t intend to allow the boycott to escalate into a violent protest.


Meanwhile the Prime Minister has been briefed and the Higher education Minister, Delilah Gore, will be arriving in Lae tomorrow to talk to student leaders.


Students at the Unitech were in meetings all morning to plan for the next cause.


The 48 hours dead conveyed to the government expires on Friday and while the planning goes on, the Student President Eddie Nagual says they’ll be seeking public support to the boycott.


Unitech has been a hive of activity since last week’s forum while the call for Dr. Schrams return remains central to the boycott.


There are other underlying management and student issues that need to be resolved.


Within the 48 hour period, students will be carrying out awareness campaigns, that’s to dispel any rumor of a violent protest and to educate members of the public on the reasons behind the boycott.


The last two years have been turbulent for the university. They were two boycotts and several sometimes violent disturbances.


They’ve also been investigations into allegations of corruption within the university’s administration.


The higher education Minister Delilah Gore this afternoon released a statement to the media.


She said the statement doesn’t contain any immediate solution to the boycott, but urged students to return to class as soon as possible and to allow for negotiations between the council, the government and the students to happen. She will be in Lae tomorrow to hold a forum to discuss the issues.

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