Syndicate in Customs Office Aiding Illegal Importers

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There is a syndicate operating within PNG Customs Service that is aiding businesses from paying import duties –

This, according to PNG Customs Service Chief Commissioner, Ray Paul.

Speaking at the announcement of a seizure of undeclared cigarettes at PNG Customs Service Container Examination Facility, Chief Commissioner Paul admitted that there are officers within the customs service that are aiding importers that are non-compliant with Customs regulations.

“Our internal investigations have identified a number of customs officers who continue to assist certain importers in doing the wrong thing…we will be taking action against them soon…”

Chief Commissioner is also calling on Members of the public who have information on illegal activities by customs officers, to report them.

Meriba Tulo

is a Senior Reporter and Presenter and currently anchors Resource PNG as well as EMTV's daily National News.

Meriba Tulo

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