Substantial Care and Attention needed to Protect PNG Cultures Amidst Globalisation

As Papua New Guinea is aggressively accepting and embracing international influences through the exchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture, a substantial amount of care, attention and consideration is needed to preserve its cultures.

The phenomena of cultural extinction are increasing all over the world.

Cultural extinction includes the loss of language, traditions, habits, and customs. Like the various species of animals and plants, cultures can become extinct as well.

Grasping cultural globalisation and exchanging of ideas, attitudes, values and meanings all over the world helps countries to communicate more and develop faster, however, it is also important to embrace the fact that PNG is a land of different million journeys and home to over 800 different languages and cultures; and to lose these beautiful cultures is something PNG is not prepared to do.

Cultural globalization is defined as the transmission of cultural ideas, values, and meaning across borders. Cultural globalization also includes media technology, entertainment, and economic institutions.

It has now been obvious that due to increasing globalization and cultural invasions, more and more unique cultures in PNG are disappearing and endangered.

This may have a negative impact on PNG’s unique cultural groups, especially for the groups with smaller populations.

PNG is a small nation with hundreds of cultures and languages compared to those developed countries which it relates with, hence PNG is vulnerable to influence and impact from these countries’ cultures.

Modernization and economic development is another cause of cultural extinction if people and government of this nation are careless. In addition, cultural imperialism can also force some minority cultures to die.

Due to the fact that cultures change continuously, even within the same society where acceptance of new ideas and things are encouraged, attention is vitally important for PNG, to protect and preserve its cultures for the good of future generations.

Every Papua New Guinean through the National Pledge, oaths to pay homage to PNG’s cultural heritage which simply means we are to inherit the cultures from our ancestors and maintain and bestow them for the benefit of future generations.

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