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Sporting activities alive in the Suburbs of Port Moresby

While the proper season for most sporting codes in the nation’s capital are yet to kick-off, suburbs in the city continue to run sporting activities on the weekends.

An example of the willingness to involve the youth in sports as a means of socialization, and unity.

In Gerehu suburb, the Stage 2 competition continues to thrive with little or no support from local leaders.

In this part of the city, young people have taken the initiative to run competitions that will see through the 2016-2017 season.

For months, a particular group has run various sporting activities that involve mainly youth in the surrounding community.

The competition was initiated, and supported by participating teams who were willing to see the competition run solely on team registration.

So far the event has attracted 20 registered teams from Gerehu Stage 2 alone, participating in Rugby and women in volleyball.

Match coordinators Yawa Une, and Peter Raruka has been coordinating and ensuring the smooth running of the games, however both men expressed their need of support from local leaders, having faced with financial issues.

Almost similar to Gerehu, another part of the city that also prefers rugby league as a main pastime, at Unagi Oval in Gordons, it’s a normal sight for drivers, and pedestrians going to and from Gordons to catch a glimpse of teams rubbing shoulders on the hard-turf.

And just when you think you’ve seen enough of rugby league, just a few kilometres drive out of the city to 9mile, another sight of kids playing rugby, where from a distance one would have mistake them for the famed Asaro Mud Men from the Mountains of Goroka.

But these are children who wouldn’t care less about a rugby ball or a proper turf to run out on, it’s the passion for the sport that inspires people from all ages.

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