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SPC ‘get down to business’; Public Service Payroll System Review

The country’s public service payroll system will undergo a review in order to cut costs.

The Chairman of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Service Reform and Service Delivery Gary Juffa says the delay in reviewing the payroll system has resulted in State losing a lot of money.

“In 2019 the over-expenditure reached as high as K650 Million. And we are expecting the same trend in 2020 when the year’s audit is completed,” said Juffa.

Juffa added it is time the nation’s payroll system is reviewed.

According to Juffa, “the 2021 Budget allocates about one fourth (K5.6 Billion) from a total Expenditure Budget of K19.6 Billion to about 90,000 – 120,000 public servants (approx 1.5% of PNG’s Population), many who may not be legal public servants.

“ It’s the integrity of this figure of persons receiving payments every fortnight from the government payroll which needs clarification. We want to know if this figure is correct and who is legally on the payroll”, said Juffa.

Chairman Juffa issued a warning to all persons illegally receiving payments from the government payroll.

“You are to take measures to stop immediately.”

These includes;

• Persons getting paid from a deceased relative’s public service payroll number.
• Persons paid from public service payroll having more than one bank account under different names.
• Persons paid from public service payroll having different identities under one bank account.
• Terminated persons illegally still drawing a salary from the public service payroll.
• Persons who are not public servants have mysteriously received a public service payroll number and are drawing salaries and emoluments.

“The people of PNG must be able to know who in the Public Service is consuming their money. And also be able to relate that to the level and quality of service they receive from them.”

The public service payroll review is being carried by a joint special committee of the responsible government agencies tasked with ministering the payroll.

Chairman Juffa added that this Parliamentary Committee is about being the actual eyes and ears of the people of PNG through Parliament ensuring that critical matters of public concern are being equitably attended to by relevant institutions of State.

The Committee will continue to deal with matters referred to it which are in its purview and such other matters which arise from its own observation that are showing a need for reform in the Public Sector.

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