Solar Technology, an answer for Rural Areas

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Solar technology is not new to Papua New Guineans, but it is also not a popular option for many Papua New Guineans.

A local company has seen the need to enhance the use of solar technology by developing equipment that can be used in the remotest rural areas.

Launched Monday afternoon in Port Moresby, KUBE Technology offers light, water, food products and medical supplies that have already received interest from local members.

They have a distinctive feature, as they are all powered by solar technology which has been manufactured in the United States, and are built specifically for PNG conditions.

The launching presented the newest of its products, these are:

Klinnic Kube, a solar vaccine storage which is the first W-H-O rated vaccine fridge solar storage. It is ideal for remote rural areas as it comes with solar lights and a reverse osmosis system.

Solar charge stations, solar street lights that come with power poles, 20w and 14w solar powered lighting charging systems and newly developed light sticks.

Kube Technology Director, Greg Cooper, says the goal is to provide the essentials to the remotest regions of the earth, with PNG being the first recipient.

These products are new to the country, with the company operating for only five years in PNG.

Cooper says they have already been embraced by members of Parliament and is expected to be rolled out next week in some districts.

These products are an answer for rural areas which lack access to basic necessities such as clean water, medical supplies and vaccines, electricity and food storage.

Kube technology has developed their equipment in such a way that it is transportable and can be deployed to all locations.

Merilyn Diau-Katam

Commenced work at EMTV in October 2015, covering Health, Education and Environment stories under the News and Current Affairs Department, while also translating and presenting Tok Pisin Nius. She is now a Senior Online Officer for EMTV Online.

Merilyn Diau-Katam

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