Rigo Sees Smooth Polling

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Polling at Rigo District in Central Province ran smoothly throughout the week.

EMTV news crew travelled to several polling areas throughout Rigo District to witness polling in these areas.

At Rigo Inland LLG, more than 2,000 voters turned up to vote at Baugabuna polling site which is the furthest from the rest.

Polling at Paitagoro is delayed until today, to give time for voters to arrive at the site.

So far, voters have arrived at the polling site and will have to overnight there for tomorrow’s polling.

The road condition and geographically harness of the area took people days to access polling sites.

At Rigo Central LLG, polling at Saroakeina and Gea commenced smoothly as scheduled yesterday.

Presiding Officer Roger Pusili told EMTV that so far over 3000 people have voted.

But the problem was with voters’ names not on the common roll which had stirred anxiety among voters. According to police there were no major hiccups affecting polling in the area.

Rigo is expected to complete polling on time but the challenge is for polling officers to arrive on the site on time especially Rigo Inland areas.


Eric Haurupma

studied at the University of Papua New Guinea graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Relations. His main areas of expertise within EMTV are the courts, crime and the environment.

One thought on “Rigo Sees Smooth Polling

  • 11/07/2017 at 09:57

    Its so pleasing to be able to see some places in Rigo Inland LLG being mentioned in the media. Many have been forgotten but during this election the names are appearing which is very good.

    Those who win must never forget about the voters in these remote parts of the country.

    Thank you.

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