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Public servants around the country can now be able to apply and study abroad to upskill in respective field of expertise through the available universities scholarship.

This was revealed by the Department of Personal Management through a press statement yesterday.

Applications for Australian Awards Scholarships will open in Februaryand close on May 1st. while the United Kingdom Commonwealth and Chevening scholarships will open in August and close in November this year.

Interested public servants are urged to visit the respective university websites for more information and preparation.

All public servants who wish to further their studies should summit their interest to the Department of Personal Management (DPM) for analysis in line with the General Order 6 requirement of Public Service Learning and Development. 

DPM Secretary Taies Sansan said, “all staff training bids must be thoroughly screened by Agency Training Committees and subsequently endorsed by the Agency Head or a delegated Deputy/Nominee, evidence through a formal accompanying letter to DPM”.

 “Training bids align with the development priorities of the Government of PNG which are health, education, governance, law and  justice, transport, infrastructure and agriculture”.

“Applicants must be permanent public servants meaning that they must have served two years after the date of permanency, and must have completed a minimum of two years in their chosen field of study and the program applied for must be progressive (eg: Nursing Officer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing applying for a Masters in Nursing/Public Health)” she said.

Secretary Sansan urged applicants to apply under their respective departments because if they do not do that then their applications will not be considered.  For instance, teachers must apply through the Education Department.

“It has now become mandatory, consistent with General Order 6.36 to 6.37, that your Training Evaluation must be completed on Form SDT6.1 and should reach my Office no later than 31st March, 2023,”  Sansan said.

“This information is vital for the purposes of informing the National Executive Council (NEC) and the National Parliament on the annual public service training numbers”.

Ms Sansan said the list of information required for all public servants should be provided by the respective agencies Human Resource.

 “I look forward to receiving your Overseas Training Aid Bids before the closing dates for Australia, New Zealand and UK Scholarships,” said Sansan.

Secretary Sansan further said all bids must be sent to her office and attention to Ms Agnes Tamate, Executive Manager, Capacity Building and Development Division for 2024 scholarships.  

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