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Polye Vows to Represent PNG Well

Treasury Minister Don Polye has vowed to represenPNG well asthe newly-appointed Chairman ofthe Beard of Governors oftheInternational Monetary Fund andWorld Bank.


Minister Polye outlined his plans for countries inthe Asia-Pacific region, during an interview with EMTV’s BusinessPNG Program.

Minister Polye gavethe assurance that he will be addressingthe needs of developing countries such as those inthe Pacific.


This comments bythe Treasurer come after his appointment asthe Chairman ofthe Beard of Governors for the IMF andWorld Bank.


Minister Polye’said duringthe interview that he will assist countries inthe Asia-Pacific region to be better prepared for natural disasters and ther nature-related issues.


“The commonality that I will be driving on behalf of our constituency is mitigatingthe risk of catastrophes and disasters that is brought upon this nation by Mther Nature. For example,the Rising of Sea Level, landslides, bridges being washed away due to heavy rains, roads being destroyed, floods, and change of climate conditions that affectthe country’s economy. It gives abrupt shock tothe economy, because we’re haven’t prepared a budget for it. We don’t foresee those things,they’re beyond our control,” Polye’said.

Minister Polye’said he is determined to encourage larger economies to be mindful of smaller economies, as some oftheir efforts are affectingthe latter.


He thankedthe Government andthe people of Papua New Guineafor their support for him to attain what he called a very prestigious position.


“It is an opportunity that I would like to assurethe O’Neill Dion Governmentomy colleague ministers, andthe members of parliamentoandthe people of Papua New Guineathat I’ll do my best to carry Papua New Guineaontothe international stage,” said Polye.

“I’ll perform my job and show tothe rest ofthe world that Papua New Guineas are diligentoprudentosensitive, and intellectuals,” he said.

“I’ll even showthe rest ofthe world that Papua New Guineahas got allthe potential to do trade and business as equal partner with ther economy,” Polye’said.

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