PNGSDP Tussle Continues With Finger Pointing

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THE tussle between Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, and Chairman of PNGSDP, Sir Mekere Morauta over Ok Tedi, continues, with the two blaming each other for the breakdown in talks between themselves and the Eminent Persons Group appointed to mediate.

Sir Mekere said in a statement today, that Prime Minister O’Neill rejected the advice and recommendations of the EPG he set up to negotiate on the Ok Tedi issue.


However, O’Neill also said in a statement that Sir Mekere was to be blamed for continuously changing the terms of the agreements reached, including those proposed by the EPG.


He accuses Sir Mekere of representing foreign interest, and not of the people of Western Province.


Yesterday, Dr Puka Temu, a member of the appointed Eminent Persons Group spearheading the mediation between the two parties, was reluctant to comment on the issue, saying instead, that they had left it to the Prime Minister’s decision on the next course of action.

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