Parliament Sitting Arrangements Changed

When parliament resumed this afternoon, certain things were worth noting; sitting arrangements of certain ministers were changed.

Also notable was the absence of Former Treasurer and Kandep MP, Don Polye, and Former Petroleum and Energy Minister, and Member for Hagen Open, William Duma. The public and media galleries in parliament were full today with people with expectations.


However, parliament resumed normal with a word of prayer, and then on to question time. The absence of Don Polye and William Duma in parliament today, drew a lot of questions, and sources close to Polye, said Polye would meet with the media on this later.


When asked if he was moving to opposition, the source said THE Party was an integral part of the O’Neill Dion government, having the second largest number of MPs in the government. Certain ministers also changed seats today in parliament.


National Planning Minister, Charles Abel, who normally sits on the second row of the government benches, moved to the first row. Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, moved to the second row of the government benches, while newly appointed Petroleum Minister, Nixon Duban, was not seated at the place where former Minister, William Duma, used to sit; he was seated on the second row of the government benches.


Loujaya Kouza moved to the second grouping of government benches, while new Higher Education Minister, Delilah Gore, took former Minster David Arore’s seat.


On the opposition, only four members were in attendance. Opposition leader, Belden Namah, his deputy Sam Basil, Rabaul Open MP, Alan Marat, and Huon Gulf MP, Ross Seymour.


After eight questions, leader of Government Business and Finance Minister, James Marape adjourned parliament to 10am tomorrow.

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