Opposition Presents Second Letter

The opposition has produced a second letter by the Prime Minister, this time addressed to Finance Minister James Marape.

The letter states the PM did not give any instruction for settlement of the legal firm’s outstanding fees.


Further clarifying he simply referred the matter to the Minister for treasury to attend to the law firm only after due process.


The opposition revealed the letter after their dissent in parliament failed this morning.


The opposition leader held the letter in the air.


The letter was written on the 15th of May 2013.  It stated the PM was concerned that the intent of the first letter dated 24th January 2012 was taken out of context. It further went on to state that he, as Prime Minister, did not have any power or authority to instruct or direct any legal fees settlement.


We asked the opposition leader why he chose to reveal the 2nd letter today.


The opposition raised concerns about parliament being used like a rubber stamp for one man to stay in power, stating the adjournment of parliament to the 26th of August was an excuse to buy time.


They blamed the speaker of parliament for compromising his position.


They called on the PM to step aside and let due process take place, stating he shouldn’t fight with the animal he himself created on the 2nd of August in 2011.


Ken Fairweather, an independent politician, chose to sit in on the opposition’s conference. He said he was not impressed with the adjournment because he was hoping to talk about pressing issues like sea bed mining and the Manam issue in this parliament sitting.


Basils description of the speaker coincided with the carvings that were removed from parliament house.


While Rabaul MP, Dr Allan Marat, criticised the government for not legislating the Sovereign Wealth Fund before the first LNG shipment.


The five-man opposition say their last hope of democracy is public dissent and they also feel parliament will not meet its’ 40 days of sitting requirements this year.

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