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By Mortimer Yangharry

Wabag Open MP and Health Minister Hon.Dr Lino Tom announced that the massive K13 million state of the art Wabag Market redevelopment project will be officially opened tomorrow. 

“Our long-awaited Wabag Market Opening is happening tomorrow and ee invite all to attend,” Minister Lino announced. 

 The second term Wabag Open MP confirmed that it will be officially opened by His Excellency the Australian High Commisioner to PNG, Jon Philps. 

“We will have the privilege of him being accompanied by Finance Minister Hon.Rainbo Paita; Jimi Open MP Hon.Wake Goi; Talasea Open MP Hon. Freddie Kumai and veteran Enga governor Sir Peter Ipatas.

The People’s Party parliamentary leader mentioned that the market will be managed by the Wabag Women’s Association. 

“When you empower a woman, you empower a family and an empowered family empowers a society and ultimately the nation,” Minister Lino said.

The medical surgeon turned politician reiterated his district’s plan which is based on two pillar policies:

1) Agriculture-based SME

2) Universal Quality Education.

“We’re building all enabling infrastructures to achieve our vision of “EMPOWERING OUR PEOPLE,” Minister Lino said. 

Minister Lino specially mentioned the programs the Wabag District Development Authority is funding to realize our vision which includes;

1) Wabag Rural Road Network Program

2) Wabag Rural Electrification Program

3) Wabag Rural Water Supply Systems

4) Wabag Fresh-food Depot

5) School Infrastructure Recapitalization Programs

6) Wabag Market

7) Wabag Rural Housing Program-will begin soon

 “Ultimately we want to empower our people as we originally envisioned,” Minister Lino said.

The Wabag Market redevelopment project was fully funded by AusAid at a tune of K13 million and took up to three years to fully realise the implementation of this vital infrastructure that will economically empower the lives of the people of Wabag and Enga Province as a whole.

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