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NGCB Celebrates Silver Jubilee as the Gaming Regulator and Operator in the Country

The National Gaming Control Board (NGCB) is celebrating 25 years of operation since its establishment in 1995.

The Board was established in the early 1990s and was duly recognized as a gaming regulatory body mandated by the Government under the then Gaming Machine Act 1993.

More than a decade later, the NGCB, upon being granted approval from the National Parliament, introduced its revised Gaming Control Act 2007 (“Act”) in the year 2007, Superseding the Gaming Machine Act 1993.

The revised Act empowers NGCB and enumerates its core functions, duties and responsibilities.

The Gaming Control Act 2007 allows NGCB to become a Gaming Machine Operator (GMO) and be able to perform the functions of an Operator as outlined in the Act.

NGCB has transformed into a well-managed dynamic organizational entity, employing a total manpower capacity of over 86 professionally trained individuals, working across internal divisions and sections; performing different functional roles within the organization.

NGCB CEO Imelda Agon says this will not be possible without the contributions of the previous Boards and Executive Management of NGCB.

“I would like to acknowledge the contributions made by previous Boards and Executive Management of NGCB and the current Board and Executive Management for their tireless efforts in bringing the gaming industry thus far”, CEO Imelda Agon said.

Agon said the transformation and growth of the industry was vastly on the backdrop of improved control measures, robust leadership and technological change.

CEO added that since bookmaking and pokies are two major players in the gaming industry, the NGCB remains committed to working together with the relevant stakeholders for the betterment of the industry with emphasis on achieving its objectives of probity, fairness and transparency. Additionally, the NGCB is focused also on creating innovative avenues that will foster best industry practices to keep up with global gaming trends and to ensure financial growth and stability.

“As the gaming regulator in the country, the NGCB recognizes and understands the need to assess and improve its licensing of pokies and bookmaking activities in the country. As such, it has taken steps to identify the challenges involved and to implement measures that will not only improve NGCB’s licensing of pokies and bookmaking but will also create and enable a holistic approach towards being the best in class regulator,” Agon said.

“Moreover, NGCB has not shied away in giving back to the communities through its Community Benefit Fund’s ‘Give Back Program’ in the areas of Health, Sports, Education, Law and Order, Churches, Infrastructures and Tourism,” Agon added.

NGCB’s Community Benefit Fund ‘Give Back Program’ has contributed over K300 million in government initiated projects since 2012 and will continue to back the Government for the growth of the economy, infrastructure and services.

As the Board marks and celebrates its 25 years in operation, it sets its sight to review the Act and diversify the gaming industry. It also has a plan to tap into uncharted gaming operations as Gaming Industry itself is a billion-kina industry.


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