National Disability Policy Review

People living with disability have equal rights to access basic services and infrastructure development.


This was stressed by Department for Community Development and Religion Acting Secretary, Anna Solomon, during the final review of the National Disability Policy today.

The meeting was attended by all provincial stakeholders, NGOs and development partners.


Ms Solomon stressed that people living with disability must be given equal opportunity as ordinary people.


She said schools, tall buildings, private or Government agencies, must create environments conducive for people living with disabilities.


Ms Solomon said they are hoping to launch the new National Disability Policy on National Disability Day which falls on March 29.


Ms Solomon said one of their key priority area this year, is Social Protection, which includes Pensions for the elderly and Disabled.


She said under this policy, they will come up with a proper model of transferring cash to the Disabled.


When asked how much the Department will transfer to a person living with disability, she explained that “from discussions, we are looking at K30 a month, but there is also a proposal for K60 a month, which means K30 a fortnight”.

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