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Morobe Governor Responds to Granting of Environmental Permit for Wafi-Golpu

Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu says CEPA Minister Wera Mori, has failed the people of Morobe, by ignoring their environmental concerns and granting the environmental permit for the Wafi Golpu Mining project.

He says the move is an insult to the people of Morobe who have raised concerns on the environmental damages in a number of consultation meetings.

Saonu, in a media briefing last week, says his position remains with the people of Morobe, and that is, to say yes to the development of the Wafi Golpu Project but no to the deep sea tailings placement method.

He says the Provincial Government’s stands with the people of Morobe to oppose the deep-sea tailing placement method in the Huon Gulf sea.

“We have written to CEPA, traveled to Port Moresby, they even traveled to Lae to hold consultative meetings and all of that has gone to waste,” says Saonu.

He added that the environmental concerns raised by the people of Morobe were taken lightly.

“CEPA Minister has failed the people of Morobe by not listening to their cries,” adds Saonu.

Minister Mori in another report says the decision to grant the environment permit was according to the law and recommendation of the environment council.

Governor Saonu says the provincial government is prepared to take the matter to court as a last resort.

The environment permit was recently granted ‘in principle’ to allow for stakeholders to move on with further discussions on the development of the mine.

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