Latvian Lone Canoeist in Madang Continuing his Journey Around the World

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By Martha Louis – EMTV News, Madang

A lone canoeist from Latvia is traveling around the world using only muscle power – meaning no engines or motor, but by using a rowing boat. Karlis Bardelis, started his journey in 2016 in South West Africa and this is his second year traveling the world. He has made a rest stop in Papua New Guinea, and is currently in Madang for a couple of days before continuing his journey across to Asia.

Karlis Bardelis, an adventurer who is traveling around the world on a rowing boat started his journey in 2016 in Namibia, crossing over the South Atlantic Ocean.

Apart from his passion to travel the world, he is also rowing to help raise funds for a charity foundation for orphanages. Bardelis’s passion and love to help others motivated him to row and raise funds to help orphanages with the theme “row together, grow together”.

Last year he started rowing across the Pacific, aiming to travel to Asia.

Having travelled up to 8000 miles, Bardelis has spent 10 months in the rowing boat while another 3 months was used for stops he made on small islands to rest.

For every kilometre he rows, $7 US dollars goes to the charity; another reason behind his boat journey is to raise funds for educational purposes.

He will be in Madang for a few days before he continuing his rowing journey to Asia.

Martha Louis

is a crime and court journalist based at EMTV’s Lae office. She has just joined the television industry after spending two and a half years as a radio journalist. She has a Bachelor in Communication Arts (Journalism) from the Divine Word University in Madang.

Martha Louis
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