Lae District Government Vehicles to be wired with GPS tracking devices

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The Member for Lae, John Rosso said the Government vehicles bought through the DSIP and PSIP funds are often misused.

All government vehicles in Lae District will now have the GPS tracking devices installed on them to monitor their movements.

The member for Lae told EMTV today that the tracking devise should stop misuse of the vehicles.

The member for Lae said the vehicles bought through the PSIP and DSIP funds should be managed properly.

There were reports on the misuse of the vehicles by the public sectors in the city.

Rosso said all government vehicles in the District will be installed with GPS tracking devises to monitor the movements of the vehicles.

Lae District will also be working closely with the Lae Chamber of Commerce and other business houses to develop the city.

Despite having funding problems, construction is underway for Angau General Hospital.

The development is funded by the Australian Government,to a cost of AUD 200,000.

Another development in Lae that would start next year is the upgrade of Nadzab airport, funded by the Japanese government to a cost of K800 million.

The upgrade and reconstruction of the airport was part of the previous government’s development plan.

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