Kuman: Education Quality Dropping

Education Minister, Nick Kuman today acknowledged that the quality of education in the country has been dropping and needs to be addressed.

He was responding to questions raised by the Member for Komo Magarim, Francis Potape, who attributed the cause of the dropping standards, to a lack of nationalism, and the decentralization of teachers.


Kuman said the education act will be reviewed, and this will be factored into the review.


Member Potape today, brought to light the fact that the standard of education in schools around the country has been dropping, compared to the past. He blamed this on teachers from each province, being decentralized to their own provinces and districts.


Education Minister, Nick Kuman, while agreeing with this fact, said the department should now look at teacher postings in provinces each year. He also reasoned out why the department has been decentralising teachers compared to the past.


Also in response to Member Potape’s question, Minister Kuman said only 53 districts have submitted their district education survey data, and called on all districts to submit theirs so the department can keep updated school data, which will make planning easier.


He called on provincial local members and governors to push for their provinces to submit this survey on time.

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