Kulunga Case Adjourned

The Waigani National Court today granted 2 weeks to lawyers representing Police Commissioner, Tom Kulunga, to prepare submissions on the kind of penalty Commissioner Kulunga should be imposed with.

Commissioner Kulunga was also told to comply with other orders issued by Justice Kirriwom in October 2012. Kulunga apologized to the court giving reasons as to why an appropriate penalty should be laid on him.


Kulunga was yesterday found guilty on three contempt of court charges, and was given until this morning to make a statement on the type of penalty he should be given.


This decision was reached after Commissioner Kulunga failed in 2012, to reinstate Geoffrey Vaki, as deputy commissioner unattached.


This morning, all parties appeared before Deputy Chief Justice, Gibbs Salika, for Kulunga to make his statement, and an appropriate penalty to be handed down.


In his statement, Commissioner Kulunga apologised to the court for the contempt charges and said it wasn’t his intention to undermine the court’s decision, however, he explained that he did it for the interest of professionalism, as Geoffery Vaki had some disciplinary charges against him at that time.


He said he accepted the court’s decision to find him guilty, however, also said he had no records of previous court records and has served the force for 40 years with distinction. He also said he was leading various programs within the force including the modernisation program, and asked the court to consider an appropriate penalty.


His counsel then successfully sought adjournment to prepare a submission on what penalty they deemed best for the commissioner. However, Geoffrey Vaki’s counsel asked the court to consider other orders issued by Justice Nicholas Kirriwom in October 2012. One order was for the Commissioner to be demoted to a deputy level, and for Vaki to be given a contract of employment.


To this, Justice Salika said the orders were still there, and it was now up to Kulunga to comply with. He said failure to do so would result in other contempt charges.


The case was adjourned to June 02nd, when Kulunga’s lawyers will make a submission on the kind of penalty, they consider appropriate for him.

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