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Kassman: Sustainable Growth and Empowerment Important

by Marie Kauna – EMTV Online, Port Moresby

Philomena Kassman is one of the female candidates contesting for the Central Regional Seat with two other female candidates, Rufina Peter and Laeko Bala.

Kassman who has been running in the political game for a good number of times, says this is her third attempt contesting for the regional seat.

This election, Kassman is endorsed by the Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party (T.H.E Party) and she does not regret the decision she made to join this party.

One of the primary goals of the T.H.E Party is empowerment, and Kassman believes under this leadership, she can effectively deliver the policies she plans on for the people of Central Province.

As a female candidate, she says politics is not an easy game however, following her father’s footstep, politics is not a new game to her. Kassman is urging the people to be wise in choosing leaders to represent them in parliament.

Her policies are focussed on areas including health, education, agriculture and empowerment of youth and women.

As a local from Central, she is not new to the people and their struggles in life.

She says many youths are staying around villages doing nothing. Like the youth, there are also many who have the skills and knowledge, however cannot utilise this important bank in making a living.

This she says if voted in, she has plans to create avenues via agricultural activities. That is, use most of the unused land lying around, convert them into agricultural viable land, and engage youth and those with skills to help them earn little income to sustain their living.

She says Central Province has so much unused land and using this will be advantageous for the province. It will create employment opportunities and contribute to the sustainability of the local economy.

Kassman believes education is the key to long term benefits and highlighted more on investing majorly in education as this is one important avenue to empowering the livelihoods of many in the province.

Giving Kairuku as an example, she says her plan for the long term includes establishing a couple of all-girls technical high schools to encourage more girls to get educated.

Kassman says education is important and should be a priority for any representative in parliament.

With more women candidates contesting this election, Kassman is confident the future looks promising however, she urges the voters to be careful when voting and not to be bribed into voting.

Kassman says striving and working towards seeing sustainable growth and empowerment is an important drive behind her stand for this election.

Her policies under the leadership of the T.H.E Party, is to empower areas in health, education, agriculture, and employment opportunities.

Image source: Philomena Kassman Facebook Page 

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