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Justin Tkatchenko Registers Nomination to Reclaim Moresby South Seat

Moresby South Sitting MP, Justin Tkatchenko, submitted his nomination in a bid to reclaim his seat.

Today ,a crowd in the thousands paraded around the electorate and gathered at the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium to help him pay for his fee.

While today’s numbers are significant, there are other candidates’ vying for the seat.

The numbers which follow Justin Tkatchenko are significant, but they don’t represent the whole electorate.

From Kaugere, then to Badili, from Badili to the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium, his supporters grew in numbers as the first to nominate for Moresby South, appeared intimidating for those challenging him for the seat.

Even travelling by sea, people came to show their support to the sitting member of parliament.

This is by far, the biggest show of support today.

Similar scenes are expected around the country after the issue of writs. If anything, today is the start of the country’s political games.

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