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Highlands Region Police Recruiters Discover Cheating in Mt Hagen

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary is seeing very few applicants passing through the recruitment process in the Highlands Region.

RPNGC Highlands Recruitment Coordinator, Mesa Ona, told EMTV News that this was because of the change to test questions that was set for this year.

He said unlike previous years, many cheat their way through, because the same questions were given every year.

It was proven to Police invigilators last week, when they found a copy of an answer sheet at a printing shop in Mt Hagen, before conducting the recruitment test for the Western Highlands batch.

Those who left the answer sheet with their school certificates did not know that it was for the past years.

So far, 223 students set for test in Chimbu, but only 38 passed.

Up in Wabag, 170 who were shortlisted set for the test, but only eight of them made it through.

Ona said, this showed improvement to past recruitment procedures by RPNGC.

Cheating is not only an issue, but Ona said for the Highlands Region; bribery is another biggest problem they face when it comes to recruiting new Police intakes.

Meanwhile, the Police recruitment for Highlands Region has ended already.

Parents of those who missed out are planning to protest to know why their children did not make it through.


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