Gulf Disaster Report Presented

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A detailed assessment report on flood affected areas in Kerema was presented to the National Disaster Office this afternoon.

The report was compiled by Kerema Open MP, Richard Mendani, and his district administration staff.


It covers all six local level governments in Kerema District. Head of National Disaster Office, Martin Mose, was pleased to receive the report.


He said, relief efforts are slow and the report will guide them in their efforts to deliver relief supplies to affected areas.


He said, K5 million allocated by the government for Gulf and Southern Highlands is yet to be released.


If released, Gulf will receive K2 million, while Southern Highlands will receive K3 million.


Despite this, the disaster office has released K1.2 million from their internal budget for relief efforts.


Kerema Open MP, Richard Mendani told Mr. Mose that his Joint District Planning Committee has allocated K649, 000, towards relief efforts.


The first component of the funding will be for assessment, and the second component for purchase of relief supplies.


He said, many parts of his district are still affected and would appreciate if the relief supplies are distributed urgently.


Mr. Mose said, a collective effort from all stakeholders is required to speed up relief efforts.

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