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Give Gulf LNG Landowners Association Prominence

Landowners of Gulf Province are to be treated as development partners of the Papua LNG and Pasca ‘A’ Gas Field Project.

This was voiced by the Gulf LNG Elk-Antelope Bluff Landowners Association.

The Gulf LNG Elk-Antelope Bluff Landowners Association has protested against the National Government for failing to involve landowners in dialogues on resources.

Secretary, Andy Robert Miere told EMTV News, Gulf province has been accommodating large revenue making projects like the Papua LNG and now the Pasca ‘A’ Gas Field, but yet no signs of major development because of failure by successive governments.

He said the landowners want to meaningfully participate in the projects and are calling on the provincial government and agencies to facilitate a forum.

Lack of proper awareness, has been a key challenging issue when it comes to land negotiations.

What landowners want is for more awareness on the positive and negative outcome of such projects.

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