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Gerehu Residents Demand Answers from NCDC

By Jack Lapauve Jr, EMTV – Port Moresby

Residents of Gaunagadi Drive are upset over the slow response by NCD authorities.

They said despite writing a letter and knocking on doors at the City Hall, the City Management has not attempted to address their plight.

Residents said sewerage back-flows and poor road engineering has put them at risk of disease and other health hazards every day.

Residents say despite writing formally to authorities, the response has been very poor.  The residents believe the Gerehu 9-mile road has caused all these problems. The stretch of road is also becoming a death trap.

Houses are three meters below the road and 10 accidents have happened with an alarming death toll in the past 10 months. During the dry weather, life is normal. However, the Gaunagadi residents are left with anxiety when the wet weather comes around.

They experience flooding as drainage was poorly done during the construction of the road.

The residents have put up with the floods, sewerage backflows and the recent car accidents into their yards.  They say the road has helped a lot in traffic congestion, however, it has dramatically changed the way they live, during wet weather.

Authorities at City Hall have confirmed receiving letters from Gaunagadi residents, however, no specific answers were given to address the issues being faced.

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