Family locked out of own home

A family at Hohola in Port Moresby was locked out fromtheir own home with nowhere to go after livingthere for 41 years.


This family suffered similar fate atthe hands ofthe police among ther families inthe Nation’s Capital who had also fallen victims to illegal evictions fromtheir home.

Numerous attempts were made to evictthem by different parties. The first was in 2010,then on June 5th this year a fence was erected to preventthem from enteringthe premises.


The family sought a court order to stopthe eviction; however, at 2pm on Mondaythe police acted upon a warrant of eviction to removerthem.


Betthe family claimed it is illegal, asthey have appealed tothe National Court and are awaitingtheir case.


“They’re not followingthe court procedures as we have already appealed tothe National Court withinthe 40 days grace period given,” says a family member.

The National Housing Corporation records show thatthe house belongs to Philip Aboloni and Theresa Aboloni under a partnership arrangement. The title ofthe house has been misplaced bythe children.


This is not an isolated issue many ther families have losttheir homes to corrupt deals.


The Abolonis are appealing to authorities concerned to assistthem intheir plight.

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