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Elections through the eyes of an informal business man

We are three weeks away from polling but Boroko, in the nation’s capital, seems unusually quiet for a time like this.

People going about their daily routine, the only difference is that everywhere you turn you see an election poster either on tree trunks, notice boards, on cars, buses and basically, any surface that can hold a poster.

The regular street hawker trying his best to sell you the watch he claims to be the cheapest, the buai seller on the street corner trying to make fast money with his “five buai”; its business as usual.

At the craft market, informal business men and women start their day setting up their stalls. For Lucas Kakeali, it’s another day to make a living for himself.

Lucas hails from Ialibu in the Southern Highlands Province but has moved to Port Moresby to make a life for himself and his family. He sells carvings at the Boroko Craft Market every day to support his family.  He believes that the current government’s free education policy is a great policy but should be more thought out.

“I know that my children will receive free education but once they are done with primary education, where will they go?” Lucas paused as he raised the question.

“The number of higher learning institutions cannot cater for the growing number of year 12 graduates. And it’s worrying, also there is not enough jobs available for after our children complete their education,” he continues.

Kakeali said that this election his vote will be given to a candidate that sets out realistic policies. Policies that include creating more jobs and taking care of settlers.

As a settler himself he feels that the government of the day has not really taken care of him and others like himself.

Lucas has not been to any political rallies as yet and states that he doesn’t have to.

“I will continue on selling my carvings because the elections will come and go and I will still have to make a living.”

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