Election Petition Filed Against Gazelle MP, Jelta Wong on Bribery, Breaches

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A pretrial hearing into an election petition between ousted Gazelle MP, Malakai Tabar and current MP, Jelta Wong has commenced this week in Kokopo.

Ousted MP, Tabar filed a petition against Wong on grounds of bribery, constitutional breaches and errors and omissions and sought a recount to the final ballot boxes.

The pretrial hearing began on Monday has so far been objected by Wong’s attorney that the petition does not plead the relevant and sufficient facts to the issues raised in the petition.

Wong’s attorney also objected that the witnesses to the petition are living in Port Moresby and are not in a position to verify the facts.

The Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato is also listed as the second defendant in this pre-trial hearing.

Justice Collin Makail is expected to reach a ruling by the end of the week if wether or not the petition will go into a trial or dismissed.

Edwin Fidelis

is EMTV's correspondent based in Kokopo, East New Britain. He has been with EMTV for four years covering social issues, crime, politics, development and business stories for news and documentary programs. Edwin graduated from Divine Word University in 2013 with a Bachelor in Communication Arts and Journalism.

Edwin Fidelis

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