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DataCo To Provide Cheaper Internet Service

The government is aiming to provide cheaper internet service to the people, by establishing a new SOE.


PNG DataCo limited, will now make use of existing communication infrastructure to provide affordable services.

State Owned Enterprises Minister, Ben Micah says this development is in line with the government’s plans in creating the Kumul Trust.


Internet access in PNG has always been an expensive service.

Telikom PNG, also a state entity, has had some sort of monopoly over access and pricing of internet in PNG.


The government has seen the need to subsidize costs by establishing DataCo, to address this, and provide competition for other service providers.


Following an NEC decision in 2011, PNG DataCo limited was conceived together with the National Transmission Network, two projects under the Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC).


With the completion of the fiber optic cable connecting Komo in Southern Highlands and Port Moresby, the Southern Highlands Government has an 8 % share in the company.


State Enterprises Minister Ben Micah, said this connectivity is part of the bigger national transmission network, a K600 million project.


Three key managers will work under Paul Komboi, the managing director and a team is expected to be fully operational mid this year.


Telikom and Bemobile’s competitor, Digicel PNG, was represented by its CEO, John Mangos, at the swearing in of DataCo’s inaugural board yesterday.


Minister Micah called on the DataCo board to work with other internet service providers to stop unnecessary competition and provide affordable service.


The government aims to eventually transfer Telikom PNG assets and integrate with the PNG LNG fibre cable and PNG Power assets.


DataCo will now restructure existing national communication and information systems and the SOE wholesale communication network.

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