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Minister for National Planning, Charles Abel, has admitted that the government has failed to deliver basic services.

These services have been effectively delivered by churches especially in the Health and Education Sectors.


The government has committed to change these and assist church – agencies with rural based projects. Speaking at the Church Development Council Meeting, Minister Abel acknowledged the efforts of churches in development.


Churches have displayed their capability to run health and education programs effectively for over 100 years. The meeting was well attended by the seven main line churches in the country.


Minister Abel admitted that the government hasn’t been doing its best to deliver services, and now will step in to fund projects, however, he emphasised that all projects must be rural-based, and ones that will have a greater impact in a community.


The Church State Partnership started in 2008 as a way for the government and churches to work together to improve Church – run health and education services.


However, many churches continue to struggle to bring much needed services to remote areas of the country.


Minister Abel’s assurance of the government continuous funding has been welcomed by the churches, but they hope it’s not another lip service as the extra funding would extend their programs to remote areas of Papua New Guinea.


Salvation Army’s Territorial Commander, Colonel Andrew Westrupp, was grateful the government was committing itself and pledged to continue the work of the church.


The occasion also saw the Churches Development Council pass some resolutions and renewed their agreement in an MOA, to further help the work of the churches.


The government also maintained that funding is not limited to main line churches but Pentecostal churches too with rural based impact.

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