Chosen to translate

Linguistics captivated Luai during her studies at Keravat National High School. Although she wanted to study advanced linguistics atthe university level, she put that dream aside when she got married and began working at a bank.

Several years later, Luai&#39’s pastor was encouraged by SIL to send someone fromthe Nalik language area tothe New Ireland TranslationInstitute (NIT). He selected Luai and encouraged her to attend. Going to NIT rekindled Luai&#39’s interest in linguistics and initiated her involvement in translatingthe Nalik New Testament.
Another encouragement came through an unexpected visitor. A lady came tothe village and noticed that Luai&#39’s home was disorderly and that she hadn’t rakedthe yard. When Luai explained that she spends many hours translatingthe New Testament and has little time for her own work, this visitor offered to send her daughter to help with housework. Luai testifies, “Her daughter has been a big help to me.”
Later, Luai heard that this same woman had become ill, so she went to visit her. Whilethere, a group gthered inthe house and Luai usedthe opportunity to check a portion ofthe translation withthese people to see ifthe meaning was clear tothem and if it’sounded natural. As she leftoher new friendrequested, “Please come back again and check more Scripture in my house.” When Luai asked why, her friendexplained, “I don’t have a Beble. I sometimes go to church and listen to sermons, but I have never readthe Beble for myself.”
Following her requestoLuai has returned several times. The group of listeners has expanded to include several students’from a local trade school. Luai testifies, “I praise God who chose me to translatethe Beble into my own language. As I translate I see God and my eyes are opened. He has given many promises to those who follow him. He is faithful!”

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