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Car Thieves Want Parts; Concerns Raised on Accelerating Car Thefts

Elizah Palme – EMTV Online, Port Moresby

Criminals in the City of Port Moresby now steal cars to rip off parts for quick cash, a security officer revealed.

The Security Officer who did not want his identity known said the reason for stealing cars has now shifted and it is very dangerous. He warned the public to be careful when travelling in Port Moresby, especially in the nights.

“It is not like in the past, car thefts nowadays occur because the thugs want parts to resell to make quick money.” The Security Officer told EMTV Online.

Recalling frequent incidents with criminals who set up road blocks to steal cars in the city, the Officer said, the rate of car thefts in the Capital City has increased recently and needs urgent attention.

Skera Papua New Guinea, an online News and Entertainment site cited in November, 2017 and I quote;

“It’s even a scary thought to think about the rate of thefts in the city but one can only guess that the rate is, well, accelerating!”

PNG Facts published an article in September, 2015 with the headline “Car Theft Increases In Port Moresby”.

Meanwhile, people are now using social media to alert others and share their grievances.

Linda Wonuhali shared her experience on NCD Alert Facebook Group stating that she has been a victim and that changed her life.

“I have been a victim of car hijacking and my life has never been the same. I am so anxious, nervous and so uneasy driving around POM city now.” Linda mentioned the trauma has made her to feel so unsafe this days and very stressful driving around too. “It’s not a good feeling. Not at all and It’s not a good experience too. Now the car theft is happening in shopping mall car parks and at home as well.”

Linda also urged that the issue be immediately addressed to not letting fear to take over the city.

The NCD Task Force Tactical Response Unit can be contacted via Police Operation Hotline number 324 4331 at any time.

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