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Box 197 of Moresby North West Disputed

A ballot box 197, which is for Chesire Homes in the Ward 9 polling area of the Port Moresby North West was disputed by some scrutineers’ coordinators who claim that their scrutineers were not allowed entry to the polling area hence have no record of the ballot box’s details.

The Assistant Presiding Officer (APO), Jimmy Orea explained to them some problems faced especially when transporting the ballot box to the counting venue, but they finally did under security escort.

However, his explanation did not go down well with the scrutineers whose stance has caused the Moresby North West Returning Officer, Moka Havara to cancel the counting of this ballot box.

Mr Havara told EMTV Online this morning (11 July 2017) that he will not tolerate any allegations from anyone unless it is through proper proceedings or courts.

“We are already in the middle of the counting processes and we cannot go back and bring forth problems that should have been solved at the polls.” Havara said.

None of the16 scrutineers who were at Chesire Homes during the polls were present at counting this morning to confirm the ballot box details, hence fate has its way causing the cancelation of Moresbby Northwest’s Box 197.

EMTV Online understands the box will be counted anytime today should the 16 scrutineers come in at 10am to confirm the details of the ballot box.

According to the APO, the Box 197 was specifically allocated for people with special needs at Chesire Home.

“They kept on asking me when their box will be counted and they are eager to know the results.” The ARO said.

He said they cast their vote happily with blessings and disputing it is denying their rights as individuals.

Meanwhile, counting for Moresby Northwest has gone smoothly despite few hiccups in the counting. A counting official was suspended in the early hours of this morning. Counting continues today.

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