Boat Building: A Practice To Keep

Building boats is a skill that young people must learn. This is from Joseph Daijah, a boat builder of Milne Bay Province.

His concern is on these skills to be preserved and passed on using the education curriculum. Papua New Guinea in world history, is well known for some of its unique human activities; the first agriculturist, artistic and diversified cultures.


The passing of oral history, from generation to generation; is vital in families and clans, as young people must learn and practice.


At the Arts and Culture Festival launching in Alotau, Culture and Tourism Minister, Boka Kondra shared his dream for PNG’s culture, to be preserved through the curriculum.


Boat building is part of the skill, similar to canoe making, taught by elders. 


Joseph Daijah from Abeleti Village, may not be an expert, but with the knowledge and skills taught by the Catholic Missionaries, have brought him this far.


So far, he has built two boats, while working with the New Star Century Company. Planning is vital in building boats, says Daijah, he wants to enhance his skills.


He appealed to the Government, to build an institution that would cater for such trades, as boat building, so that knowledge and skills are passed on to young people.

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