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Angoram Police Station Renovations Delayed over Disputes

Continuous disputes over contracts and land ownership, have delayed the renovation of the Angoram Police Station, for over a year now.


However, despite these disputes, the Department of Police Lands and Building assured stakeholders and the force that, work will go ahead this year.

The project costs K2 million and has been funded by the Police Department.


The Angoram Police Station in the East Sepik Province is to be renovated, despite disputes about the building contractor and land ownership.


The Police Lands and Buildings staffs are in the district to sort out a dispute among the locals and contractor, Wewak builders.


The police department says the land which currently accommodates the old police station, is state land.


The Angoram District Administration also wants the new police station built at a new location; however, this idea has also been rejected by the policemen and women on the ground, who still want the station and their houses at the same location.


Locals on the other hand, claim this is their land.


The locals do not only disagree with this issue, but they also disagree with the awarding of contracts to expatriates.


An expatriate contractor also argued about the contractor, Wewak Builders not employing local tradesman.


However, the contractor has brushed aside this claim and said 4 local carpenters are employed to renovate the houses.


The difference between the new and old location, is that the police station is currently located next to the water way.


This, the people say, is convenient for them and guarantees their safety when traveling to and fro for business and pleasure.


The police lands and builders representatives put their foot down and said work will kick start this year.


They said all complaints and concerns must be channeled to their office and not to the contractor.


The K2 million project funded by the Police Department is focused on improving living standards for its officers, so that they can deliver effective services to the community and other stakeholders.

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