Activist Kanasu On Global Warming

Bougainville is part of the larger community that has been experiencing effects of climate change and global warming.

Patrick Kanasu from Kieta District, Central Bougainville, is a global warming activists.


The rising sea level is a concern for the people, particularly those living near the coast line and atoll islands.


This has affected their livelihood, land, food gardens and homes.


Global warming and climate change refers to an increase in average, global temperatures. Natural events and human activities are believed to be the causes, says Kanasu.


Over the past years, Kanasu has taken his own initiative, travelling and conducting awareness to the local communities. 


He sells donuts in the area, to financially support and assist him with his awareness work.


His concern is the State’s immediate intervention through its implementing agencies to create a plan that will address the risks.


Bougainville isn’t new to experiencing rising sea levels. The sinking Carteret’s and Mortlock Islands are examples of this.

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