A Reality Of Lae’s Frequent Blackouts

A Lae City resident, who has a family member at Angau Hospital, waiting for a vital operation, has called on PNG Power, to fix the continuous blackout.

Jason Timothy says an operation to the leg of a family member, has been delayed due to power outages in the last several days. This comes after continuous blackouts over four days disrupted vital services.


According to residents, Blackouts in Lae for the last four days were long and frequent. For those waiting treatment at the city biggest hospital, has been a long wait, and is taking its toll on the patients.


Jason Benjamin is a Lae resident who spoke while rushing to get back to his brother at Angau. His brother is still waiting for an operation to his leg, which has been delayed due to the frequent blackouts.


“My brother was supposed to be in surgery on Monday, but because of the delays, he hasn’t yet,” he says.


Jason Benjamin is just one of many who have spoken out; residents have also taken the issue to social media, to vent their frustrations and anger.


Mol Nan lives in the city’s outskirts; she simply wants PNG power to notify people when outages will occur. “PNG Power must look into this to stop inconveniences,”she says.


The blackouts are an on-going concern for Lae residents and this isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last. It’s understood that the experienced prolonged outages in Lae, come after load shedding, due to a transmission line fault between Lae City and Ramu.


PNG Power says they have fixed the fault and restored normal power supply into Lae yesterday.

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