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30 Students from Teachers College to Receive Australian Scholarship

By Suli Suli – EMTV News Cadet Journalist


The enduring relationship between the Papua New Guinea government and the Australian government is a partnership that supports the urgent need to train more elementary and primary school teachers.

The Australian government through its Australian Awards Scholarship program in PNG will offer scholarships to 30 students of Sacred Heart Teachers College in 2019.

The Australian government has been supporting Scholarships at Sacred Heart Teachers College since 2015, with 104 scholarships offered since that time.

This partnership aims at training students to be qualified teachers who will teach in rural areas.

Through these scholarships, the Australian government has contributed over K8 million on the course and accommodation fees to the college.

This money has assisted the college to support the day to day management of the college and to build new infrastructures such as a computer lab and two new teachers’ houses.

The Australian government will also provide thirty thousand kina to undertake maintenance on student dormitories, to ensure the safety and security of all students and will provide an additional one hundred thousand kina to support the purchase of new equipment and staff training.

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