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A senior West Papuan representative Frank Makanuey appealed to the Government of Papua New Guinea to change the laws and the foreign policy to accept and allow them to campaign peacefully under the legal rights stated by the United Nations.

He made this statement after the police stopped them from celebrating their 61st anniversary of struggles to recuperate West Papua Independence since 1961.

Augustine Rapa who went to witness the celebration said West Papuans are part of us and the government of this country has to recognize them.

He said it must be an important agenda that we have to push through in this country.

“They are part of us and we are part of them, the government of PNG has to recognize and understand them” Rapa said

Augustine Rapa also urged the Minister for Foreign Affairs Justin Tkatchenko to take this matter to the United Nations and address this once and for all.

On behalf of the 7000 West Papuans living in Papua New Guinea Frank Makanuey said they will fight for their freedom as long as they live and when they die their children will take over the fight.

“This is an ongoing campaign and ongoing struggle and it is not just a struggle, it is a legal right under the United Nations article that the indigenous people of West Papua or any people around the world must have the right to serve with determination,” Makanuey explained.

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