Villages in Woitape LLG in need of health services

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By Patricia Keamo – EMTV News Cadet Journalist

The Woitape LLG in Goilala District is need of health services.

A health worker at the Woitape Health Centre, says most villages in the remote parts of Woitape do not have access to basic health services.

He is now calling on the relevant authorities to look into this matter.

Medicine shortage and health services continue to be an issue in the country.

Just 120km from the Nation’s capital, health worker Mathew Kamo, in the Woitape LLG in Goilala says most villages within Woitape LLG are in great need of basic health services.

Mathew and his wife Mary work at the Woitape Health Centre.

Health workers, Mr Matthew Koma and his wife Mary, work at the Woitape Health Centre.

According to Mathew, there are eight workers at the health centre, however, all of them are in Port Moresby and he and his wife are the only ones looking after the health centre.

Early this week, Mathew and his wife walked a whole day from Woitape to Kosipe village to treat patients there.

For the two days, the couple spent in the village, they attend to over a hundred patients in Kosipe village. On their first day, they treated 83 adults and 3 children, while on the second day, they had about 30 more patients.

Mathew also added that the Woitape LLG has missed out on the third round of the polio vaccination.

The couple are now calling on health authorities to look into remote areas that lack health services.

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