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Vehicle Owners to fork out more for fuel

In its monthly advise, the Independent Consumer & Competition Commission announced fuel prices for this month.

The new prices, coming into effect on Monday.

The increase in fuel prices for this month has not gone down well with vehicle operators.

The new prices;
• K3.46 per litre for petrol – a 3.63 toea increase from December 2017,
• K3.08 per litre for Diesel – a 22.64 toea increase from the previous month, and,
• K2.80 per litre for Kerosene – an increase of 6.53 toea per litre from the previous month’s price

According to the ICCC, the increase in the retail price of diesel has been attributed to the increase in excise duty, which increased to 23 toea per litre from the previous level of 10 toea – this change, consistent with the National Government’s Budget Tax measure.

For motorists, this will mean digging deeper into their pockets to ensure that their vehicles remain on the road – and for PMV and taxi operators, the increases are too much.

For PMV and taxi operators, the effects of the increases have hit them a harder, with some raising concerns that the increases may force some operators to cease their services.

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