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The Excursion of a lifetime

What started off as a school excursion to Goroka for 24 Orphans from rural Bundi, with the plan of exposure to the outside world to inspire there education journey took an unexpected turn.

EMTV New has been following the story of 24 orphan children from rural Bundi in Madang that borders with Gembolg in Simbu where they attend school. According to Director Vincent Kumura, the children aged between 6 and 10 have never traveled out of their villages to an urban setting.

The Journey started at Gembolg station on 25 seater coaster and onwards to Goroka where they visited UOG, the iconic Raunraun Theatre, and today seeing Air Niugini Fokker 70 land at Goroka Airport. This is part of the Kumura Foundation’s Rural Education Focus program aimed at educating disadvantaged children to give them a chance in life and is being sponsored by the Sir Brian Bell Foundation.

Air Niugini hearing of the excursion and the kids wish to see an Aircraft up close and personal when in Goroka decided to allow the Fokker 70 stopover for an extra 30 minutes to allow the kids to not only be up close to the Aircraft but meet the men and women who fly it.  And with assistance from National Airport Cooperation the kids’ dreams, came true.

And to add on to the experience, luck had it that Prime Minister, James Marape, would be on the same aircraft, arriving in Goroka to attend an event in the Province.

Prime Minister James Marape telling the kids of his upbringing and encouraging them to continue schooling.

”School is important, you must always put 100% into your school,” says Prime Minister James Marape.

But nothing could beat children’s excitement to meet Air Niugini Crew. Many inspired to become a Pilot stating clearly to reporters who eagerly asked if they to wanted to fly an Aircraft one day. The kids no short of inspiration and inspiring the Air Niugini crew also.

First officer, Patrick Kiromat, saying that Vincent Kumura’s passion for the kids to have this exposure and the kids’ excitement to see them made them humble but at the same time Proud to be a Papua New Guinean.

One thing is for sure, this will be one excursion that will be told for many years later for the 24 orphans, who not only got to meet the Pilots, but also the country commander and chief.

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